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6 Key Factors that Lift Resale Values

There are certain factors that affect the resale value of a house positively. If you are considering purchasing a house as an investment instead of making it a home; these are some of the points you will have to keep in mind.

Prime Location: The location of the place is the most important factor that lifts the resale value. Even before they get to see the actual property buyers will ask about the location. The place should be decent and conducive for the family. Surroundings should be clean with garbage facilities, good drinking water, pucca roads, etc. Factors like whether it is a corner site and if the house is on the main road are important factors.

Plot size: The size of the plot plays an important role. Very small houses or very large houses do not have a market. It depends upon the number of bedrooms, car park, a small garden, balcony with a good view and other comforts.

Well connected: Proximity to the nearest railway station, airport, school, hospital, mall, office, etc. The public transport facilities like buses, autos, etc are of great importance. The more well connected the house is you will get a very good price for it. People living in a metro would like to have easy access to the metro station.

Age of the house: If the house is recently built then it will command a good price. Usually the age of the house and its present physical condition are believed to be inversely proportional. If the house is recently built, it will be in better shape and therefore you will receive a good premium.

Better Amenities: Houses that possess all the modern amenities and have new upgrades will get a higher premium. Jacuzzis, chimneys, and modern security systems will affect the price positively.

Social standing of the neighborhood: The reputation of the neighborhood is very important, especially the kind of people that stay there. The crime rate of the area is another concern for families. People would like to live in a peaceful neighborhood. The investors would want their children to be positively influenced in the neighborhood they live and would want decent children and friends to mingle with.

Landscape: The landscaping of the house is another important aspect. A house with great landscaping will increase the value of the house. This has a greater appeal with prospective buyers.

Kitchen Area: Having a large and open kitchen has its own advantages. The most interesting portion of the house for women is the kitchen. As they spend more hours in the kitchen they would like to have a spacious place with all the fittings, slab, sink, etc in a convenient place.

Ventilation: Large windows in the house give it an artistic appeal. The windows make the house look bigger and more spacious. People usually prefer to have a good view from the windows. Many people prefer French windows, which makes the room look beautiful and also gives them a view of the garden/lawn/swimming pool, etc.

These are the main aspects that one has to look into, in order to get a good bargain for your house. The resale value of the house will be favorable for you.

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