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*Terms and Conditions
  1. That in any dispute or differences arises between Broker & propconnect.in any of the transaction, the same shall be referred to sole exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Bangalore, India
  2. Broke shall alone bear and pay expenses on account of travelling, conveyance, communication and light entertainment also
  3. Broker shall not indulge in any practice that may bright disrepute or cause loss of reputation or monetary loss to propconnect.in
  4. Broker agrees and undertakes to indemnify propconnect.in and its employees if the transaction is not consummated due to any false, frivolous or misleading promises/ assurances made to the customer
  5. Broker should not be involved in any unethical/ illegal practice. The broker shall exercise all reasonable care & skill in the performance of its duties and shall act faithfully towards propconnect.in
  6. Broker shall not represent itself as partner or employee in any form whatsoever
  7. propconnect.in reserve the right to refuse the sign up application on any grounds. Propconnect.in shall not be obliged to supply the reasons for such refusal to the Broker.
  8. Broker shall not charge any amount, by whatever name called, directly to the buyer introduced by propconnect.in
  9. Broker shall by paid commission consummate to the efforts involved in the transaction as per the agreed terms between the broker and propconnect.in
  10. In case there is a breach of any of the terms of this sign up by the broker, propconnect.in has the right to terminate the Broker at any time without any notice
I/We hereby confirm that all given information are correct the best of my knowledge. I/We also confirm that I/We have read and understood the above terms & conditions and hereby agree to be abide by the same. I/We request you to consider our application for sign up as Broker of propconnect.in

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