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2 Documents to check before buying a flat in Bangalore

1. Parent Deed/GPA
This is a very important document as the name itself suggests. You will have to always ask for the Parent Deed and do a thorough examination of this deed. This is mainly to ascertain the ownership of the land where the apartment complex is constructed. Usually the builder will not reveal all the details of the flat, therefore we have to verify the Parent Deed and the title holder. In case of any cases against the owner, you will have to find out carefully. General Power of Attorney is the right given to another person to act on behalf of the owner of the property, while negotiating a sale or other legal transaction with the seller. If the GPA has expired or is not valid then the GPA holder cannot exercise his right on the document.

2. Sale Agreement/Sale Deed
A Sale agreement is a simple agreement of sale of the property signed by the buyer and seller and it contains the terms and conditions of the transaction. However, the Sale Deed stipulates the transfer of ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. The Sale Deed is governed by the registration Act, hence it is a very important document

3. Khatha
The meaning of Khatha is account. This document keeps an account of the person owning the property. It consists of Khatha Certificate and Khatha Extract. A Khatha Certificate is mandatory for the registration of a new property and transfer of a property. Khatha Extract is a document showing the extract of property details from the Khata Registrar. Khatha is usually referred as A Khatha and B Khatha.

4. Encumbrance Certificate
It is a certificate obtained for a particular period showing the history of property purchase/sale, transactions taken place or mortgages if any. It also shows all the outstanding loans if any. You must submit a copy of the sale deed in order to get the encumberance certificate.

5. Building Approval Plan
A building plan has to be made and you have to get it sanctioned by the BDA/BBMP/BMRDA without which construction of a building becomes illegal under the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act. For the building plan, a set of documents have to be submitted by the owner to the jurisdictional officer. You will get your approved building plan within 4 to 5 days if all the necessary terms are met.

6. Commencement Certificate
Initially the builder receives a commencement certificate till the plinth level, which will be inspected by the municipal authorities after construction. If the Municipal authorities are satisfied with the inspection then they will approve the next stage. The buyer must check the documents acquired in stages and whether everything is in order. The area and specification promised must be mentioned in the documents.

7. Occupation Certificate
Occupation certificate has to be obtained from the municipal authorities stating that the building is complete and the flats are ready for occupation. You should take physical possession of the flat only after the builder gets the Occupancy Certificate from the Municipal authorities. It is illegal to reside in a flat without obtain occupancy certificate.

Therefore, people are advised to check for all the above mentioned documents before entering into a contract with a builder for the purchase of a flat.

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