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Value Added Services

Buying Assistance

As soon as you have shortlisted on the properties and selected the one you want to buy, you will be worried about securing the property. The lawyer's assurance and legal papers may not satisfy your anxiety and you still feel like double-checking it before you purchase. The next thing to do is go to the registrar office and check the old records/history to get a clear picture of the property you are going to invest. This work will be done by us in order to check the authenticity of the records and property. We will be with you from beginning until the end. If we have signed a contract with you to take care of your dealings, we will be true to our word and show our loyalty and integrity to you, so that there is no conflict of interest.

Key Deliverables

For documentation purposes we will draw a plan of the short-listed property, geo-tag it and take pictures of it

Our legal team will check all the paperwork and ensure that there are no legal problems with the property. To check the genuineness of the paper work (to protect against forged documents) our team will personally visit the local sub-registrar office and manually check the old records.

Our team of lawyers will help you in preparing and scrutinizing the sale agreement with the sole purpose of protecting your welfare.

During the next step, the lawyers will help you in preparing or examining the sale deed before registration takes place in order to ensure that the transaction is authentic and provides you peaceful possession of the property.

We will explain to you, in advance, all the fees involved, that is, registration fee, stamp duty charges and help you in preparing the payment instruments well in time (if required).

We will provide information and assist you on TDS deduction as may be applicable

At the time of registration we will make sure that our executive will be physically present with you or your Power of Attorney (PoA) holder. We support you through the whole process to make sure there are no hurdles

If you are not able to attend the registration process, we help you to provide us a specific Power of Attorney (PoA) to act on your behalf. In the case of NRIs, de-termination of PoA is necessary and extra charges and stamp fee will apply.

After registration is completed, we will help you in the necessary documentation required to transfer the property in your name, that is, EC and Khata Certificate/B-Khata

Validity - 90 days

Service Charges

The Service charges for this service will be Rs 30,000/-


Service charges mentioned above will be applicable only inside city limits (25 Km radius). For places outside city limits, additional service fee will be charged. Preparation of the relevant doc-uments such as EC, Khata etc. and the external lawyer or Chartered Accountant fees will be charged extra.

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