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Value Added Services

Selling Assistance

When you are planning to sell a property there are a lot of documents involved, which have to be verified and deeds to be signed. We will take care of the procedures, help you with your paperwork until the sale is completed and the money is credited to your ac-count. You need not be worried or hassled with this work.

Key Deliverables

While selling your property, when you have decided on the buyer, we will do a thorough check of all your documents, if they are in order and adequate for the sale. In case we find out that one or two documents are mandatory and are not with you; we will get if for you for a fee. The documents may be any one of the following: Encumbrance Certificate, Khata Transfer/Khata Certificate/B- Khata and Property Tax records.

To check whether all the documents are in order for sale of the property; a team of legal experts (external) will examine the property paperwork for any discrepancy/legal issues.

The legal team will help you in preparing and examining the sale agreement that safeguards your welfare and helps you make the sale with the buyer according the terms agreed upon by both parties.

The lawyers make sure that the transaction is clean and clear without any problems.

During the process of registration, our executive will be with you or your Power of Attorney (PoA) and make sure that all the formalities are carried out smoothly

In case you are not able to preside over the registration personally, we will assist you in giving us a specific PoA to act on your behalf. In case of NRIs,

Determination of PoA is mandatory for which additional charges and stamp fees will be charged to your account.

We will assist you in capital gains calculation (if needed) with the help of our panel of Chartered Accountants.

Validity - 90 days

Service Charges

The Service charges for this service will be Rs 30,000/-


Service charges given above will be applicable only inside city limits (25 Km radius). For places outside the city limits, additional service fee may apply and will be billed extra. Some of the records in the sub-registrar may not be computerized, therefore extra charges will apply for manually checking the records. Cost of obtaining documents such as EC, Khata etc. and the external lawyer or Chartered Accountant fees will be billed extra.

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